Moonshot 2009-2015

Around this time 6 years ago I started a lit mag in a tiny bedroom far out in Brooklyn that had no windows, except a round one in the ceiling pointing up at the night sky. In many ways Moonshot has been a completed project for a couple of years now, as we’ve been on a quiet, continuous hiatus since 2013. Today is the day I officially put the last nail in the coffin. This is by no means a sad goodbye—it is a joyous send-off. Moonshot was a small magazine with a tight budget and busy editors, but it somehow kept existing and putting itself out there in an incredibly ambitious way.

Moonshot had a diverse range of editors and contributors as it rotated through the years. In a time when it feels like publications are finally accountable (e.g. advent of VIDA, popularization of call-out culture, etc.), I feel very positive that we were able to carry on our mission when it felt like fewer eyes were watching. We could have always done better, and I hope to carry on that mission in new projects which are in the works. Beyond poetry and prose we published many delicious experiments, comics, new media, emerging artists, interviews, web content, and hosted some fabulous readers IRL. I probably learned more about collaboration, publishing, event planning, management, and “indie lit” from Moonshot more than any other hat I’ve worn. Moonshot was a fantastic magazine that I’m very proud of, and I encourage everyone to check out an issue, because the dusty term “back issue” does a disservice to this work that continues to feel fresh and shine.

Moonshot’s website will remain online until at least November 2016. At this time our URLs may go offline, but we are dedicated to ensuring that the work of the people we published lives on. Full content from our five issues will continue to be made available online. As seen above, our full catalog can be read online at Issuu, or downloaded as PDFs from Gumroad. Gumroad uses a pay-what-you-wish model, so if you can, please support Moonshot—as all funds will go towards Moonshot’s spiritual successor, AADOREE.

To everyone who edited, contributed to, or were published by Moonshot: you are all amazing & did amazing work & I’m amazed that we were able to collaborate and put this thing into the world repeatedly. Although we repeatedly used the iconography of the moon itself, Moonshot originally came from “shooting the moon” in the game of Hearts. It’s the most difficult move to pull off with the biggest pay-out. When we settled on that name I don’t think any of had any idea how true it would be—a lit mag is something that’s very challenging to edit and to run—but the pay-off of having a beautifully printed issue with work you believe in—that makes all the endless emails and Gchat meetings and Submittable slush worth it. Adieu, Moonshot.

That being said, Alia and I have a smaller-scale project in the works called AADOREE. Hand-made. Intimate. If you currently follow Moonshot on social media—please continue to do so—these channels will be transformed shortly to make a home for AADOREE.

Thanks again for all your readership, submissions, conversation, and support. Until next time.

JD Scott
June 2015