Issue 2 // Summer



Cover design by Cristina Gomez


staff Editor’s Letter
George Davis Cathcart (Illustration)
E. K. Gordon The Smell of Gas
Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán The Lover
Lyn Lifshin Alma Karmina
Hing Chui A Factory Man (Sequential Art)
Vaidehi Patil In Sepia
Dawn Raffel The Cat
Gianna Russo In The Fatherland
Brian Tierney Pipedream from a Distance
Peycho Kanev The Real Thing
Florence Major Elegy for Rifka
Genevieve Dimmitt Pools (Photographs)
Miriam Cohen Skills
George Davis Cathcart (Illustration)
Katy Doughty Mockingbird Guthrie (Sequential Art)
Blackout Poetry Feature
Austin Kleon (Newspaper Blackout Poems)
staff Austin Kleon Interview
Blackout at Community Stepping Stones
Jon-Michael Brothers The 72oz. Steak
Richard Kostelanetz Single Page Chapbooks
Craig Reynolds Compositions (Photographs)
Nicole Treska An Account of the Oracle at Sundown
Kenneth Pobo Late Summer Nursery
Casey Francis This Town is Nearly Dead
Whitney Egstad Night Kids
George Davis Cathcart (Illustration)
Mary Harwell Sayler Commune Occassion
Ruth Foley Bat