Lunarlinks: February 24, 2012

Did you know that Leap Day—coming up next Wednesday—also celebrates the birthday of famed American burlesque performer Tempest Storm (yes, this is our lead-in)? Another iconic figure in the news lately is Mario Puzo‘s The Godfather. Paramount, acting on behalf of all disenfranchised movie studio monoliths everywhere, is suing to halt publication of a new installment in the series, as penned by Anthony Puzo, son of Mario. There is a faint argument about misrepresentations about characters and plot-lines, but more likely: Paramount’s simply confusing its mediums again. Silly movie studio, movies aren’t books! In some cases, maybe movies are like books, turning to be just as terribly conceived as their source material. In the run-up to Sunday’s Oscars telecast, Roxane Gay writes in The New York Daily News about how when it comes to The Help, the book manages to out-terrible the film adaptation. Similar things could possibly be said about several of the Harry Potter films as well. Which naturally segues into this: J.K. Rowling is penning a new novel aimed at adults.

In news related to other media, one ambitious art studio in Detroit has converted seven vacant storefronts along the city’s downtown drag  into a series of curated art displays. The project is called Woodward Windows. Is word-of-mouth still the #1 reason people purchase books? Andrew Shaffer makes the case with some new data from GoodReads. With AWP and its whirlwind spree of literary circuit parties coming up, this study about lack of sleep and binge-drinking being conducive towards creativity appears well-timed. Also, need your scientific thesis copy-edited? Call Cormac.